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About us
London based video production company established in 2011. We create videos for brands, businesses and media outlets. We do the full spectrum of work from planning, filming and editing to special effects.
Our showreel is just a fraction of our projects


Creating promos, commercial, corporate videos, multi-cameras interviews, testimonials & case-study videos and animation.


Commission. Send us a brief including the aim of the video, the marketing budget and any ideas you would like us to implement.
Pre-production and project management. Researching, planning, tailoring your budget to a shooting goal.
Filming. Our crew will arrive at the filming location at any time on any day that is convenient for you.
Post-production. Depending on the size of the project it may take us a few days to edit the video.
We will send you a link to download the video, always on time.
Brief description
Pay by the hour
If you just need extra support for your project
Videographer - £140 +
Editing - £80+
Do you have any questions? Find answers below!
How much does a video cost?
It depends on your project, goals and ideas. It may cost £900 or £9000
How about customized price?
Absolutely. You will receive a quote tailoring to your project. The price may include research and script, crew time, actors' fee, make up and costumes, special effects, animation, editing etc.
What equipment do you have?
We have a range of modern cameras, gimbals, motorised sliders, teleprompters, drones - all necessary tools to create a content with impact.
How long will the editing take?
We are able to get the job done whatever the deadlines are. We understand how important it is to keep pace with the times and what it takes to run a successful business.
Can you add a graphic or animation?
Sure. Just include your ideas in a brief and we will provide a quote customised to your project.
How many feedbacks can you include for the project?
We offer 3 amends. We are always happy to go the extra mile and do the final tweaks to achieve the goals of the project.
Why us?
We have filmed thousands of news stories, interviews and a number of documentaries for TV Channels. Our journalistic background helps us getting commission done, creatively and efficiently.
Our clients
Improve your business efficiency
We work flexibly and always deliver more than what you asked.
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